Steve & Carol
Tue 7 May 2019 20:02
We arrived in Utila and once again were reunited with Wonderlust, Analana and Schloss Ort who were also there - they are all going to Rio Dulce for the hurricane season - we are the only boat left heading anywhere else.  We had a good few days in Utila - the island has a friendly feel to it, it's less commercial, its mainly a divers/free divers paradise. 
We did some snorkelling on the reef just near the anchorage - which was georgeous and did one dive. 
The Bay islands have been a bit of a rush, I feel I could spend a lot longer here exploring the many dive sites etc, however hurricane season starts soon so we must head north towards Deltaville in the USA where we will lift Innamorata for a couple of months while we visit the UK.
Soon all the boats except Analana left for the Rio and a couple of days later we set sail for Isla Mujeres, Mexico 320 miles to the north.