Steve & Carol
Fri 15 Jul 2022 17:30
42:34.976N 018:12.946E 
We got up early and took Innamorata to the customs dock at 6am to check out with the port police, Craig and Zena are heading off at the same time so they were on the dock as well,  once we had been checked out the Officer let us go over to the shop, unfortunately they hadn’t stocked up after the public holiday and so we just got eggs and bread before heading off towards Croatia. 
As expected it was a motor the 25 miles to Cavtat, on route I paid our tourist tax on line - not that anyone checked we had paid it in Montenegro but apparently people do get fined if they don’t pay so we're being good. At Cavtat we went onto the customs dock - a pointless exercise really as customs don’t do anything and the police and harbour masters office are both a walk away. 
Once docked we went to the port police who said go t the harbour master first so we headed there stopping at a cashpoint for some Croatian money which apparently we will need to pay for the vignette /cruising permit here. there was a wait at the harbourmasters so I headed back to the boat - stopping for some veg on route. From the harbourmasters Steve had to go to the post office to pay for the paperwork in cash then return with the receipt to be issued with the documents and then go to the Police to get registered there and have our passports stamped etc, once done we were free to leave the dock and headed round to anchor in the bay around the corner. 
Our first impression of Cavtat was good and once settled we went ashore for a wander.