Spinut Split again

Steve & Carol
Fri 16 Sep 2022 13:16
43:31.096N 016:25.343E
We spent a couple of days anchored waiting for the easterly wind to die down so we could make a dash for Split and anchor near where we have before. Steve on Jack the Lad was there while Janine had flown to UK for a few days, of course I headed to the shops to get a few supplies as we were almost out of fresh fruit and veg 😱 - it's a great stop for shopping. 
This time we even made it into Split old town for a walk about with Steve, which was far too busy and crowded!
We stayed 3 days to let some more bad weather and strong winds pass, most of the time we were protected but it was rather bouncy for one day and night when the wind was from the west, we did get a couple of moody spectacular sunsets though.