Hallover Bay, Cooper island.

Steve & Carol
Thu 14 Mar 2024 15:00
18:22.5119N 064:30.6132W
The next morning we all left and had a short sail down to Spanish town to check in,  John and Lucie picked up Steve and Stefan and took them into check in so we didn't have to launch the dinghy. Once that was done Hahalua and Us set off for Cooper island and had a nice little sail there - Hahalua cheated and put up both their sails! 
We were the only 2 boats there when we arrived, it was slightly rolly but not bad, we settled in, I went for a snorkel to check the anchor - we had seen some rocks and coral to the side when we anchored and I wanted to be sure that the anchor was in and we weren’t damaging anything on the seabed! Later we headed to Hahalua for sundowners and had a lovely evening sitting on the front of their boat in the cool breeze. 
The next day we were going to do a dive from one of the dive / snorkel moorings to the south of us so we checked our gear and all went in Johns dinghy once there we realised that one of my regulators was malfunctioning and I couldn’t stop the air free flowing so I snorkelled above the others while they did a dive - as we haven’t dived since 2020 the main point of the dive was to check gear etc so it was a good place to choose. 
I had fun taking pictures of bubbles and trying to get a picture of my reflection in Steves bubbles 🤣.
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Afterwards we took a look at my regulator but were unable to stop it free flowing - we need a tool we haven’t got, so we changed it for one from our spare set.