Steve & Carol
Tue 13 Sep 2011 18:49
42:07.10N 08:50.39W We have had a great time in Moana and had a treat yesterday when a family of dolphins came into the bay, they were rounding up fish to eat and after having a look at me and checking the dingy out they carried on feeding and didn't mind me being near by.
It was however definitely time to leave Moana - we had set off on Sunday but after tacking for a few hours in growing seas we decided to opt for a more relaxing sail and turned around back to Moana in its sheltered bay! There weren't many other visitors there just a tiny French boat which anchored for 2 nights and we were missing the company of other travellers and are looking forward to our friends Paul and Catherine on Kahia catching us up soon. After a grand sail with big swell as the sea rolled  into the Bay at Bayona we are now anchored off Bayona and have lots of other boats anchored around us, Steve has already got the the wifi pass word from another British boat - hence the update and we have added a few extra photos!
Me with the dolphins at Moana
Steve's summer look!
Fishing boat at Islas Cies
Aproaching the anchorage at Isla De Cies

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