Sines to Sagres

Steve & Carol
Fri 17 Sep 2021 20:00
37:00.058N 008:56.64W
Again we left early - the wind was none existent for the first few hours so we motored again, we were visited by lots of groups of dolphins - for a couple of hours we had dolphins around the boat sometimes swimming along with us and other times ignoring us as they fed etc.
On route we also heard the Portuguese coastguard responding to Mayday from a 42ft Halberg Rassy which had lost its rudder to Orcas north of Cascais! We only heard one side of the transmission as we were too far away but soon found the boat on Marine traffic etc This is a picture of the damage which was posted on facebook once the boat was towed to Cascais and lifted out of the water! initially another German boat took it in tow until the Rescue boat gott to it and towed it to safety. 
Again we did most of the trip with cruising chute and mizzen as wind light and the swell made it far too rolly for our genoa to stay full! We also saw a whale blow off and saw something nearer Falkor than us - from the size of the spout and looking in my dolphin and whale book we think it could only have been a blue whale, Lucy and Simon actually saw 3 blow offs and a big whale surface. 
We arrived past Cape St Vincent and were soon out of the Atlantic swell and anchored in Sagres bay. Nearly 4 years to the day since we were here last!