Sargassum and squalls

Steve & Carol
Tue 23 Jan 2024 15:01
14:48.98N 050:54.11W
We didn’t break any speed records but did manage 150 miles yesterday, we have been sailing on the windpilot most of the time, the weed is a problem at times flipping the windpilot leg back which steve needs to sort out as I can’t undo /do up etc. Windpilot downside is it’s hard to adjust wind angle as wind direction changes as the control is on the pilot on the back of the boat which means leaving the cockpit so not great when alone on watch but we do always clip on and hold on tight!
We had a night of squalls, some were detected on radar others not, generally we managed them on our own and allowed the other to sleep (Ok I did get Steve up once for a squall and once for the windpilot leg 🙄 and he did get a bacon butty as an apology this morning ).
Today all is good on board, hoping to get a shower and hair wash but may have to wait a day?😬.