Cala Figuera

Steve & Carol
Tue 17 May 2022 14:28
39:53.152N 003:10.58E
The winds have been very light for a while now and we are using more diesel than we had hoped to, we always try to sail if there's any wind and so today sailed for a while with the cruising chute up, the wind from behind managed all of 7 knots so it was slow progress and inevitably the wind died down to the point when it no longer kept the sail full and we gave up and motored to another stunning Cala. 
When we arrived at Cala Figuera there were 2 other boats there and a couple of ribs near the beach, we anchored in the crystal clear water and admired the views, which the pictures don’t do justice to! The small beach at the head of the cala is accessed by land via the road to Formentor Lighthouse which winds its way along the rugged landscape of the Serra Tramuntana Mountains, we were going to go ashore to fly the drone but as there were quite a few people on the beach we decided to have a go at flying it from the boat, having only ever flown it a few times this was somewhat brave of us - well Steve as he flies it and while I only have to catch it! It went surprisingly well - its a secondhand drone and the battery in it was draining rather quickly so it was a bit stressful and it wasn’t up for long, Steve did get a couple of picture though not bad for first attempt, landing it was scary though as the boat was swinging around a bit and there is quite a lot of rigging in the way which it could easily hit, luckily all went well and I caught it safely. 
The water looked very inviting as it does when it's so clear and there are lots of fish - mainly small damselfish and sea bream swimming around, so, we decided to be brave and go for a snorkel 🥶 we knew it would be cold for us but didn’t want to have to wash the wetsuits again so we opted to go in without them, for some warmth I had on a rash vest and my rash onesie while Steve had a rash vest, it felt very cold initially but was OK once we had acclimatised, we snorkelled along the rocks at the edge, round the one in the middle over to the other side where there was a cave, it was somewhat disappointing as there really wasn’t anything to see, the odd fish, that was about it! There were far more to see when we got back to the boat! 
Come the evening we were the only boat in the Cala so it was just us and the goats you could hear and see on the surrounding cliffs, all very peaceful. This has to be my favourite anchorage so far in Mallorca - its a real Gem 🤩.