Day 14

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 May 2020 13:04
33:44.28N 44:51.64W
Could have gone better. We were having a good sail with cruising chute and mizzen when I went inside to wake Carol for her shift, as I put the kettle on the boat heeled so I went on deck  to find the chute had blown at the head and we were towing it alongside in the water. It didn't take long to haul it on to the deck and then we just needed to lower what was left of it at the top of the mast, that done we stuffed it all back in the bag and out with the genoa to carry on sailing. Need a new cruising chute and of course the sail we need now with light winds is a cruising chute.
Two weeks done and one more to go.
All  well on board and about 900 nm to go.