Baradal Anchorage Tobago Cays

Steve & Carol
Fri 16 Feb 2018 00:00
12:37.88N 61:21.43W
With the winds dying down we moved early and anchored to the south west of Baradal island, Tobago Cays are a national park and boats have to pay to visit, EC$10 per person per night, its a very poplar stop off for cruising and charter boats making it a little crowded at times. 
m_DSC00889 m_DSC00895 
Union and Mayreau islands in the background
There is an area SW of Baradal that is buoyed off for swimming and snorkelling with the turtles however we found more of them on the outside of this area than inside, there were lots of green turtles happily grazing on the bottom – at one point there were 6 all within a few meters of each other, most don't seem to mind us swimming around as long as you don't get too close.
m_PICT0023  m_PICT0055 m_PICT0058
Once off the bottom swimming I got some great pictures. They are wonderful creatures and we loved being close to them in the wild.
m_PICT0010 m_PICT0059 m_PICT0036
As well as turtles there were quite a few small rays
We also went for a snorkel on the inside of horseshoe reef, you can see the waves breaking on it in the distance below
m_DSC00884 m_DSC00874 
There was a little too much motion from the breaking swell on the other side to make it comfortable snorkelling and as in Bequia the water was murky, and surprisingly few fish!
m_PICT0072 m_PICT0075
While we were off snorkelling Murray and Cate on Coolchange arrived from union island and so we invited them on board for sun downers and a catch up, they are heading north to the US for hurricane season so we probably won’t see them again for a while.