Matthew Town, Great Inagua

Steve & Carol
Sat 9 Feb 2013 20:36
20:57.35N 73:40.90W
We snorkelled on Hogsty reef yesterday and saw a couple of fish we haven't seen before as well as a spotted eagle ray which we have seen in abundance but never while we were in the water, a rather curious barracuda was following Pam a little too closely so Steve distracted it in the dinghy and it began to follow him as he rowed towards Innamorata and me still swimming, needless to say I can get out of the water very fast when I want to!
This morning we left early, hoisted the cruising chute and headed for Great Inagua where we will stop briefly to get a few provisions before heading south through the windward passage, with Pam and Denis on Glide, to Il de Vache south Haiti where we are rendezvousing with a small group of boats heading from Caribbean via the Dominican Republic to take aid in the way of food, milk, clothes and school supplies to a large orphanage there. The others aren't getting there for a few days but it looks like our weather window will have closed unless we head out tonight, once we get to Matthew town we will check the forecast again before heading out.