Heading to Menorca to see family

Steve & Carol
Thu 10 Aug 2023 17:25
39:55.323N 003:03.59E
Once Lucy, Hannah, Harry and Jess had left we immediately set off heading up the West coast of Mallorca towards Menorca, first stop was Cala Tuent, it's a popular anchorage by day and there were a lot of motor boats there but we managed to find a spot to anchor and by the evening time it had thinned out considerably. 
The following day we set off further north, Steve had received a random what’s app message from Jonty - the son of Innamorata’s previous owner who had just arrived in Mallorca on holiday and had seen we were here on marine traffic and wanted to visit if possible, they were in the north of the island and had a car, today seemed an ideal opportunity to meet up. We set off and had a really lovely slow sail along the coast to Cala Sant Vicenc - a bay of 2 halves one with ugly buildings and the other quite pretty - we chose the pretty side of course to anchor in and Steve messaged Jonty inviting them to come and spend a while on the boat. 
Soon Jonty, his wife and 2 children were safely on board bringing some Cava with them to celebrate the occasion, we had a lovely time, Jonty was delighted to be back on board her, reminiscing about his time on Innamorata and his family got a chance to see the boat they had heard so much about.  As his grandfather owned Innamorata from new until he sold her to his son, Jonty’s dad, Innamorata had been part of his life for 21 years - he had sailed  thousands of miles on her and skippered her back from the USA long before we bought her, we also learned a lot about her history we were previously unaware of - she had been the main Oyster exhibit boat at the 1981 Earls court boat show - and the largest boat at the show! 
Jonty and his family