Camp Letts, Rhode River, Annapolis

Steve & Carol
Fri 28 Sep 2012 23:52
38:53.09N 76:31.43W Well we stayed a little longer at Crab Creek than we first thought as we had enjoyed good company and it was hard to leave.
Wolfgang and Gemma's dock
Innamorata from the dock
Its cooling down so sun shades have come off the saloon windows at last
Just a quick fact so that you can appreciate the size of Chesapeake Bay that we are currently cruising, it has a coastline of 11,684 miles made up from all the creeks and rivers although a lot of the water is very shallow which is one of the reasons a lot of American boats have shallow drafts of 4-5ft unlike ours which is over 7ft and the reason we bump the bottom here and there!
We spent a lot of time with Rob and Sarah from Serafina, having drinks and eats on each other’s boats. Wolfgang lent us all the car so Rob drove us around to various stores. One store, a second hand boat bits place was great, we thought we had just finished looking around when Sarah told us there was more stuff through a door, she was right it was a warehouse with more bits in. We found ourselves our new telescopic spinnaker pole which we hope will make a big difference when we next sail downwind. Rob and Sarah got themselves a cobb BBQ at a bargain price they couldn’t refuse. Wolfgang,  who’s health is not at it’s best - he is on peritoneal dialysis, needed a new cable run up his mast on his boat so the four of us set about the task, this involved sending a mouse (fishing line with a weight on) down the mast, attaching it to the new cable, pulling the new cable through and then fitting it to a new light.
Sarah up the mast running the mouse line down.
Steve takes over to run the cable drill hole and fit the light
We accomplished this pretty smartly and were then invited for drinks with Wolfgang and Gemma at the house, which progressed to going out for a meal at the local Chinese restaurant. The next day we had a BBQ lunch with Rob and Sarah before they left Crab Creek for Camp Letts where there is a gathering of the Seven Seas Cruising Association and where we have moved on to today.
Serafina leaving.
We used Wolfgang's car ourselves to go to a few places and also went with Wolfgang to a marine store where he gets good discount and spent more money on a new main halyard and some other bits which were too good a price to not get – Oh dear the bank balance isn't doing too well at the moment and we haven't even got to the Annapolis boat show!
Leaving Crab creek you have to do a sharp right and go between the two buoys near the shore than a sharp left once past the red buoy,  both Serafina and ourselves hit the bottom while leaving, which is one way to get rid of some barnacles!
Anyway with the new bits fitted we moved on today to catch up with friends, Il Sogno, Serafina and Eye Candy are all here at Camp Letts so we will be doing a lot of socialising for the next few days.