Day 14, Our Wedding Anniversary

Steve & Carol
Fri 24 May 2013 13:11
33:42.64N 39:58.30W
Well we motored most of yesterday and last night, just as the wind began to appear and Steve was setting the sails to sail, the engine/gearbox made a noise and the rev’s died, not sure what had happened Steve turned the engine off, the noise had woken me up so I got up to see what was going on and to sail while Steve looked at the gearbox and prop shaft which turned freely, the engine would run and rev in neutral but not rev in gear so we considered the that we had picked something up on the prop!!! One of us had to go in and look so we got wet suits out etc and prepared dive bottle, we hoved to (there was only about 8 knots of wind and the sea was still calm from the windless night) and I went down the ladder to look under the boat – sure enough there was a building site type bag, the sort they put sand and gravel in to move, nicely wrapped around the propeller. At this point I hoped that some dolphins would come and keep me company in the water but no such luck.
Steve helped me put on my dive gear and gave me a knife and my trusty cut anything scissors, made sure I was securely tied on to the boat and put another rope for me to hold on to and down I went, I used Gerry’s camera to take some photos  (his is water proof and mine needs to go in a case etc). I didn't need the knife as the scissors did the trick and soon the bag was cut away, I took it to the surface to show the others then got out and had a hot shower. I’ve now done my first and hopefully last dive in 2000m+! Its now cut away and we are sailing gently along. When I went in to shower a couple of dolphins came to have a look at the boat, typical!!! Anyway we are glad that there wasn't a problem with the gearbox and it was easily sorted. We are now happily sailing gently, lets hope that the rest of the day is uneventful and we can enjoy our Anniversary.