Off to the Bahamas.

Steve & Carol
Tue 9 Apr 2024 12:34

19:36.834N 068:14.422W
We left Puerto Rico yesterday at 0630 in what was never going to be a great weather window with strong winds forecast by the end of the trip. After motoring for a few hours the wind filled in, stronger and more northerly than all the predictions so by 1pm we were beat into a force 5 😬. I have to say we faired better than a catamaran that left a short while after us and was only managing 2-4 knots trying to head as high as he could 🥴. We had about 12 hours of beating until the wind came round onto the beam and we are now on a reach which is a lot more comfortable, we sea got whipped up and is fairly messy with waves very close together so not that comfortable. We did have a few waves over the side and into the cockpit and in through some hatches - we don’t put enclosure up so us and the boat to a bit wet - including our bed, the galley and my computer 😱 which I hope doesn’t die🤞🤞.
Wind is due to go further round and by tonight we should be sailing down wind!