Steve & Carol
Thu 15 Nov 2012 20:52
32:46.49N 79:57.11W With a crowded anchorage and strong winds forecast for the week ahead we thought we would move on to St Mary’s in Geogia as the boats at anchor were very close to each other and swinging erratically. We got an early start with a forecast of NE 15-20 knot winds gusting 25. It was soon apparent that the forecast was wrong and we had an unpleasant reintroduction to sailing at sea again. The first evening we decided we would change plans and head for Charleston South Carolina as the wind was constantly 30 knots and the sea very shallow making the passage rolly and uncomfortable (enough for Carol to experience her first and hopefully last bout of seasickness!)  We had left with a Swiss couple who after rounding Frying Pan Shoals at Cape Fear decided they would carry on to St Mary’s as planned, we wished them well but stuck with our decision to go to Charleston. The wind then went round to the north so we beat our way in with 30-35 knot winds to arrive at the entry channel at full ebb, a 3 knot tide against us, to prolong the trip. We are now anchored, heating on, ready to eat , shower and go to SLEEP.