Steve & Carol
Mon 3 Feb 2020 18:11
Well we like Fredricksted, the town is quiet (except for music at the weekends) and the anchorage was fairly empty with only 8 / 9 boats there at any one time. Diving here is great and the pier is fabulous, so much colour and life if you look closely, we did a few dives, the further from the land you go the more fish there are, however the seahorses which we were told were nearer the land seem to be about a 3rd of the way along. As we didn’t intend to come to St Croix we are glad we did, in my opinion it is the nicest of the USVI despite provisioning being easier and better on St Thomas. 
While we were here the fan belt on our dive compressor broke which was a problem as we were unable to locate one on the island and therefore had to get our bottles filled at one of the dive stores which meant they needed to be up to date with their inspections, the visual inspection was last done in 2018 before the rally, they are 15 years old made of steel and failed this test so needed to be tumbled (this cleans the insides and removes any rust) which took a few days and a few $, our one spare alloy bottle checked which passed, we therefore hired tanks as required but didn’t dive as much as we would have if our compressor was working (Note to selves - should have had a spare 😬, will get a few when we find some), however we are glad that we got the tanks checked and cleaned so there is a + side to everything.
Every dive we saw stingrays, lobsters and turtles.

And yes we fond seahorses 
I just love Christmas tree worms 
Fredricksted like Christiansted has a fort and some attractive older buildings - many however are in need of some TLC!
Artwork on the pier