Steve & Carol
Sat 27 Jan 2018 09:07
13:00.24N 61:14.59W
We checked out of Barbados at Port St Charles and headed for Bequai, the wind was forecast to be light and easterly so we put cruising chute up and had a good comfortable few hours sail, before night we swapped to Genoa and Mizzen and contained at a good pace, we have been caught out before slowing down too soon and running out of wind! When we did try to slow down we struggled to reduce speed,  we put mizzen away and had a teeny weeny bit of genoa and were still making over 4 knots! By this time it was quite rolly as well so not comfortable to sleep.
At dawn we were between Bequai and St Vincent and let more Genoa out for the last few miles. 
Bequai is busy with lots of visiting yachts (as it was last time we were here). We are going to get some sleep and then head ashore to check in. 

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