Day 9

Steve & Carol
Sun 19 May 2013 13:16
29:29.01N 50:09.36W at 1200 UTC We are motoring having managed to sail for most of yesterday till 06.30 this morning, its somewhat boring though! We have gone over 1000 miles but still have about 1200 in a straight line to Horta (and we aren't going in straight lines)! We are hoping to find some wind sometime this evening so will stay under engine power till then. We are disappointed with the lack of marine life not even flying fish for a day or two, we suspect that our inability to catch a fish is as much because there aren't too many around as our poor skills! I figure that if there were abundant fish we would have seen a dolphin or two! We are trying though with 2 lures trailed from the stern of the boat. The birds who stop and look at them are Great Shearwaters (I think), either the same ones keep returning or its common practice to land on the water, pop your head below the surface and have a good look around, they are probably looking to see if our lure will fool a fish and they stand the chance of getting a free meal of the bits we don't want!
Well little else to report so will publish one of the Pirate jokes we have been receiving!
What did the pirate call his friend in the military? Arrrrrrr me matie!