Steve & Carol
Tue 18 Oct 2011 12:38

37:56.05N 08:51.94W

We all set off in thick fog following our inbound track on the plotter as there were rocks and sand banks to navigate around after an hour we were all sailing – still in fog. Had a good sail to Sines with some dolphins on the way we all anchored inside the harbour.

Just had a night in the marina at Sines to get water, make sure the batteries got a good charge etc, Laundry and shopping done we are now ready for Madeira or Canaries.

The weather forecast is good to go now but Paul and Catherine have a package to get from Lagos so if they can get it today we will wait for them and all leave together, we have decided to head straight for the Canaries and will hopefully leave later today.(Tues 18th)

Rafiki sailing in fog