Malendure Anchorage, near Pigeon island.

Steve & Carol
Mon 19 Feb 2024 14:35
16:09.8479N 061:46.665W
Our Anchorage at Marigot turned uncomfortable during the night when the waves started to come in slapping on the hull! Come morning we were happy to up anchor and move on. This time we did head up the west coast and had a lovely sail up to Malendure opposite Pigeon Island. With a couple of reasonable supermarkets ashore and the Cousteau marine reserve around Pigeon Island it's a good stop over. Mamita was there when we arrived so we said hello to them on our way ashore to stock up on a few things before we leave Guadeloupe. We considered doing our first dive for a while at Pigeon island but when we checked our gear we found that it needed some servicing before we use it so opted to snorkel around the island instead. There were a good number of colourful fish, coral and sponges although the background looks pretty boring in the pictures - mainly because they were then in the shallows! 
This picture gives you come idea that there are more interesting corals and sponges in the deeper water!