Cabo Rojo Dominican Republic

Steve & Carol
Fri 22 Feb 2013 22:08
17:55.38N 71:39.50W We left Ile a Vache yesterday morning for the overnight passage to the Dominican Republic. We are travelling east against the prevailing trade winds which are generally strong so have to take every opportunity when they are lighter, we did manage to sail about half the way tacking then the wind died so we motored. Ile a Vache was a wonderful stop and we have lots of photos to put on the blog however the internet we were getting there from a nearby hotel broke so we were unable to send anymore blog updates from there, here we are getting very limited internet and are still unable to send anything with a photo in it.
As we approached the anchorage above Cabo Rojo which is just a small ship loading port for a nearby mine the wind picked up and we anchored with 30 knots gusts blowing off  the shore. We were visited and boarded earlier by a DR coastguard and drug enforcement officer who were going to bring back a dispatchio so we can move on but as yet they haven't returned!