Portinho De Arrabida

Steve & Carol
Sun 16 Oct 2011 12:33

38:28.65N 08:58.68W

We set sail with Rafiki leaving Paul and Catherine in Cascais and had a fair sail to Portinho De Arrabida a pretty anchorage within a nature reserve, ashore there were a couple of resturants and during the day there were people on the beach but they all left early in the evening. We wondered if we were allowed there as there were no other boats just a catamaran on a buoy in the shallow part of the bay? but as the 2010 pilot book said it was OK and we found no evidence we couldn’t we spent a lovely 2 days there – Steve and I went for a swim and snorkel – a very short one as the water was too cold and in the evening we had a BBQ ashore with Loud and Marlene. On the 3rd evening Paul and Catherine joined us followed an hour later by some marine police who told us that anchoring had been banned since 2006 and we must go, however they agreed to let us spend the night there and leave early the next day! 

Rafiki and Innamorata at Portinho De Arrabida


Rocks we snorkelled at.