South River 10/06/2019

Steve & Carol
Tue 11 Jun 2019 12:08
34:57.94N 76:35.16W
We had a lovely couple of days in Oriental, we met up with Steph and Greg a few times which was great. The Inland Waterway Provision store is a useful little shop - it does some provisions, chandlery and consignment chandlery, it also loans bikes to cruisers - so we borrowed 2 and went for a little cycle around the area and checked out a few stores. We contacted and met the Ocean Cruising club port officers Ann and Neville who were very kind, Ann took us shopping to the nearby town so we could stock up on some heavier items, she also gave me some fresh herbs from her garden and they told us about their sailing adventures including her single handed Atlantic crossing in a 28ft yacht in the early 1990’s. however we knew it was time to move on when we returned from the shops and found that in the southern wind Innamorata was sitting on the bottom, we therefore quickly lifted the dinghy and managed to get free, up anchor and head towards South river 7 miles away where we have anchored for the night - we are the only boat we can see 😀.