Steve & Carol
Wed 13 Sep 2017 15:35
38:41.76N 009:24.857W
09/09/2017 We decided to set off for Cascais a day earlier than planned as weather looking like very strong winds for a few days after tomorrow. Tomorrow’s forecast was gentle NW wind increasing and going more northerly overnight, so we set off Saturday morning - had a good sail cruising chute and mizzen, dolphins came for a play - a couple of mums and their babies - very cute. while at the front of the boat watching them Steve noticed that the cruising chute was chaffing where the rope goes through the new bowsprit - cruising chute down and we assess the rope - a few mins longer or stronger wind and it would have chaffed through completely!! - not happy with Seldon! We put a block on and change the setup and once again hoist the cruising chute - it seems to work better and no chaffing. The wind stayed until the early hours of morning when instead of increasing it died off and we had to motor for the last few hours, that gave us a chance to make water and we were able to run watermaker until we arrived at Cascais without the wires getting too hot.
We anchored off town at Cascais with quite a few other boats. We spent a few days there did some shopping, Steve helped Frank – on Louanne a boat we met in Spain, isolate the problem he had with his bowthruster – he was given a bottle of white Port as a thank you and has discovered he's rather partial to it with tonic water – apparently its the new Gin and tonic!
My laptop crashed along with my external hard drive which has all my photos on – i have got the lap top running again but haven’t managed to sort the hard drive – hence I don't have any photos for the blog!
We stayed at Cascais to meet up with a friend form New Zealand, Jon and his partner Rhina which was great – they are on holiday about 30 Km away and had a lovely afternoon/ evening with them. Although we like Cascais the anchorage gets very windy and we had 25-30 knots wind for 2 nights in a row and enough is enough we are moving on!