Nassau and Green Cay, Bahamas.

Steve & Carol
Sun 3 Jun 2012 12:55
25:06.14N 77:11.58W
We have had a fabulous time in Nassau and although the weather was not typical of this time of year we saw a fair bit of the city and island, our stay has definitely been enhanced by having Vicki and her family here, without her we would not have done the Shark dive and visited Atlantis. We also met up with another friend we met in the UK Angie and spent a lovely day with her. Although Nassau has a reputation for crime we found everyone friendly and helpful and are definitely coming back. On Thursday 2 boats we know arrived Matador and Yindee Plus who are heading off to the USA like us so we are joining them and moving on. The cruisers all went out on Friday night for a drink and to eat Conch and had a great night.
Yesterday we headed for Green Cay, there is quite a gathering, Matador, Yindee Plus, Camelot, Tactical directions, Tony bought Pete and Kourtney as Norna’s engine still isn't fixed, and of course Innamorata. We were greeted by a thunderstorm not long after we arrived which put a stop to the afternoons activities but we all gathered on Tactical Directions in the evening for a really great night of music from the musicians among us, that's most people but Steve and me.
Tomorrow we are heading off, Camelot will go back to Nassau, Tactical Directions is off to Florida and the rest of us heading further North in the USA. We will miss Tony as we have spent so much time with him and had such fun.