No rest for the wicked!

Steve & Carol
Thu 23 Jun 2022 17:30
38:19.215N 0016:24.858E
After a few hours a southerly breeze of 13 knots developed and we decided that we should move on to Rochelle Ionica, as it was a downwind sail we opted for mizzen and genoa only and set off, after a couple of hours the sails were flogging so we rolled the genoa up and motored, the wind came and went again as we motored past Craig and Zena still managing to sail with their main and cruising chute! 
At about 3 pm I noticed some offshore wind in the water slightly ahead and closer to the shore as well as some smoke from the land blowing out to sea, we got ready unfurled some genoa just as the wind picked up - engine off we now had 20-23 knots blasting us along, Steve called Craig to warn him as he was behind us with their cruising chute up and they managed to get it down in time for the sudden blast of wind. The wind continued to blow off shore gusting from 14-23 knots 5 minutes of no wind thrown in there just for the fun of it! We had a fast and fun sail all the way to Rochele Ionica where all of a sudden there was no wind again as we came into the anchorage and anchored off the town for the night!