Off to Menorca and Islotes de le Galera anchorage.

Steve & Carol
Sat 21 May 2022 18:00
39:59.657N 003:49.684E 
We Spoke to Simon and Lucy on Falkor who are slowly getting nearer and are now only around the corner and are going to stay in Mallorca a bit longer.
We waited until about 10 am before we upped anchor and set off for Menorca the wind was due to fill in a bit later and we hoped for a good sail once it did, as we left we saw Falkor both on AIS and in the distance sailing round Cabo Formentor and heading into Pollenca - it's such a shame to miss them but we think the weather looked better to leave today than tomorrow and there are stronger winds coming so we would be stuck in Pollenca which doesn’t appeal to us. 
The wind did fill in and we ended with the main, mizzen and genoa sails out for a great sail, we were very pleased with how well Innamorata went in the light winds, helped by the  flat seas and almost clean bottom 😂 and we were doing over 6knots in 10 knots of wind which felt great. We were almost visited by 3 bottlenose dolphins who headed over to us but then found something more interesting to do and so didn’t play! 
We decided to head for an anchorage on the West coast of Menorca just below Ciudadela outside Cala Dagollador, around Islotes de le Galera, when we got there, there were no other boats which made us a little suspicious but we found a sandy spot and anchored, on the Navily app we use it says you can fit 15 boats in here 😬, I wouldn’t like to try that, around the edge are boys saying you cannot pass so not sure how you tie to the shore as they suggest when its busy? We also read about the tug driver and ferries that come into the nearby dock and make a lot of wash but thought we would check it out as it looked like it should be fairly protected and with Northerly winds coming we want to look at our options. Before dark another cruising boat arrived and anchored along with a small local boat.
Its a strange anchorage, we were near the red dot which looks like with wind and swell from the southeast it should be well protected, however the swell / waves that found their way into the area just rebounded around the anchorage making it a pretty uncomfortable stop for the night, in the morning we both felt like we had been shaken all night long and couldn’t wait to leave! Don’t think we'll be back here in a hurry 🤔.