Day 9

Steve & Carol
Sat 6 Jan 2018 14:00
18:30.30N 39:22.67W
All has remained fairly constant we put the 3rd reef back in the main yesterday evening and have left it in today, we have still done 168 miles in last 24 hours– that's now day 5 in a row at an averaged 7 knots/hour. We have passed our half way mark.
We had another whale visit yesterday – it was somewhat of a tease as it surfed the waves just below the surface for 1 hour and 20 mins but only gave us 3 tiny glimpses of it on the surface we think it was a Minki, they apparently like to accompany small boats,but didn't get a good enough view of it and just when we thought it had gone it would appear on the starboard side behind us in another wave, it was just having fun and I guess they go a little faster with less effort if they ride the waves? It was a delight for us though and I rather hoped it would come back today.
Weather looks the same for the next few days so we expect to continue at this rate. Ken on Windsong is still north of us and a little ahead, his route is more direct than ours and we have covered more miles than him so far.
We are not sending any emails to anything other than the blog, weather requests and other boats on same server for the rest of the passage due to the extreme lengths of time its taking to send, receive and the technical problems we have with computer and satphone.
Hi Caroline/ Peter, I have replied to messages. Gerry received one. Have you checked your junk mail? Will prob not be able to send any more but can receive. see above xx