Gran Roque pictures.

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Jun 2018 23:25
We loved this small friendly island with its one town, their anchorage is a narrow shelf to the south west of the town, when we arrived there were a few other yachts anchored there – we later realised all but one were Venezuelan, Moondancer the American yacht that lost its rudder on route to Bonaire was the only foreign flagged boat there.
Arriving at Gran Roque.
Moondancer waiting for a tow/work boat from Curacao to get clearance to come and take them in tow on to Curacao for repairs.
We checked in with Rik and Sanne which was probably a good idea as we seem to have not got charged any extra fees, the process was a little long winded,the Guardia National was one of the stops.
Afterwards we went for a coffee - $1 for 2 cups, at Aquarene a restaurant /bar we  had a very nice meal here a couple of days later, m_20180605_114315 20180605_110437
Not a bad view!
We went for a walk up to the lighthouse on a rather hazy overcast day, the view would have been even better with a clear blue sky, the water colours are amazing.
m_DSC02268 m_DSC02312  m_DSC02287 m_DSC02305  m_DSC02346 
The land is very barren, even the cactus looked dehydrated!
On our way back we walked around the town which was colourful and very tidy with no rubbish on the ground,
m_DSC02358  m_DSC02360
m_20180605_114838   m_20180605_114847
m_DSC02355 PICT0004
While we were walking around we met this little lad who stood in front of my camera and wanted his picture taken, he lived in a house which his father said was damaged when the home next door was destroyed in a gas explosion.
m_DSC02362I wish it was a polaroid so I could have given it to him.
The health centre / Hospital where we met Dr Rafael Martinez who is on a 1 year secondment from Caracas’
One of the schools, there are 3 in a row - an infant , junior and a senior school each has small classes, the windows are just wooden slats to help keep the rooms cool.
We went into a couple of the shops – one was a fruit, veg and meat shop with virtually nothing in it and a supermarket – which in the Uk would be a small corner shop this was better stocked but still not a great variety and no fresh produce at all.
The water around the island is still well stocked with fish which is the main food source for the islanders – everyone fishes and seem to have similar boats with big outboards on them.
We saw numerous feeding frenzies when big fish chase little fish to the surface and attacking from  below while birds attack from above!
There were also lots of Pelicans
m_DSC02377a m_DSC02380 20180605_111440
We are so glad that we stopped here, it seems that sailors who do venture to Los Roques have good experiences and recommend it as a must stop at destination.
I am glad we could help in a small way and wish we could have done more, hopefully we can help further by passing the word to other cruisers to bring medical supplies for these lovely people, who, are suffering because of their government and no fault of their own.