Detained in Marina Zara Par, Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.

Steve & Carol
Sun 3 Mar 2013 16:48
Well we did want to leave yesterday at 1700AST, to move a yacht anywhere in the Dominican Republic you need a Despachos and we were told ours would be available at 16.30 having been requested the day before, an Australian boat left at 1500 no problems, but when we went to get our leaving papers we were told all boat movements had been stopped orders from above and we could not leave. After a few angry words we agreed to come back today at 0800 to get the Despachos. So we returned today and waited, at 10 am we were told that we were still unable to leave, no explanation just orders from above. In effect we are being detained here or at least Innamorata is, if we leave now we don't know what would happen but have been advised not to by the marina manager - so we are stuck - not happy and certainly not impressed with the Dominican Republic. Of the 20 or so countries we have been to since leaving the UK this is the only one I would recommend boats stay away from!
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