Steve & Carol
Sat 2 Feb 2019 19:06
09:28.65N 78:37.265W
Again it was a grey wet start, at around 10 we decided to up anchor and go anyway
We didn’t have to go far for the sky to brighten up and some breaks in the clouds appear, after 3/4 of an hour we turned to a more north westerly course and were able to start sailing, we had thought of stopping on an island about 10 miles away but seeing 3 boats already there we carried on and had a great sail to the small island of Ogopsibudup near Green island and about halfway between the Coco Bandero islands and Rio Diablo. There are a lot of boats in the area - we could see quite a few on AIS and the VHF is much busier than where we have come from where the rally group are really the only boats we have seen. From the SSB radio we knew a few friends were in the area and had decided to head for the anchorage Jeff and Di from Canapasia were at, we hadn’t seen them since Isla Fuerte so were looking forward to catching up with them. On the way we were contacted on the VHF by Loud form Rafiki, a Dutch boat we met in 2011 and last saw in Antigua in 2013, he and Marlene are not far away with Rik and Sanne from Incentive so we will be meeting up with them soon, we have also been in contact via SSB with Stu and Steph from Matador who we have known since 2012 and last saw when we were home in the UK last October - they are going to head towards us for a rendezvous soon.
Ogopsibudup is marked as a day anchorage in the pilot book but was good for the two nights we stayed.
Canapasia anchored nearby – this is more like the type of scenery we want
m_DSC07840 m_DSC07836
Soon after we anchored Jeff and Di came over for a sundowner it was lovely to catch up with them, while we were talking a couple of dolphins swam by the front of the boat - too busy to notice us but great to see - had it been earlier in the day I might have jumped in with them! The following day Steve and Sam on Wanderlust joined us and after some swimming and hull cleaning we all went for a BBQ on the beach which made a pleasant change from cooking on the boat.
m_DSC07861 m_DSC07863 m_DSC07887 m_DSC07884 m_DSC07906
Local bird of prey – not sure what though!
m_DSC07902 m_DSC07903
Sadly the islands are strewn with washed ashore rubbish – there really isn't anywhere near by to take it to where it will be recycled or disposed of safely – we have all our plastic rubbish since Cartagena on board still and will take it to either Linton bay or if they can’t deal with it, then on to San Andres