Charlotte Amalie Again

Steve & Carol
Tue 21 Jan 2020 20:03
18:20.22N 064:55.47W
We headed a couple of miles to Redhook and anchored amongst the many mainly derelict boats and moorings, not liking the place we stopped for something to eat and decided to head to Charlotte Amalie instead.
Once there we went ashore and got a safari bus to get a couple of my soda stream bottles filled at the life raft servicing centre, it took a while as they needed to put them in the freezer for a while to cool them down in order to get a decent amount of gas into them, The bus ride gave us a bit of a tour of the east half of the island. The following morning we were heading out to get another bus when we noticed Genevieve anchoring so we went over to say hi to Jon, he was going to be free later so we went off shopping and met up with him and Rean for a lovely evening and meal.