Deep Bay, Antigua

Steve & Carol
Sun 18 Mar 2012 00:13
17:07.63N 61:53.29W We had another gentle sail the couple of miles to Deep bay, what a lovely place should have found it earlier. An Osprey was perched on the rocks as we came into the bay. We all snorkelled over the wreck of the Andes which sunk in the bay in 1905 the bow is only a meter under water so the coral and fish are easy to see from the surface, we also snorkelled along the rocks at the edge of the bay – lots of fish here too. Later we walked up to Fort Barrington, which was a battery and observation point in Nelsons time and has a great view over the bay, there we saw humming birds feeding on the flowers. The week has gone really quickly and tomorrow Jane and Angey are due to leave, however we may forget to drop them ashore as a week really isn't long enough!!!