Day 13 Slow boat to Barbados

Steve & Carol
Wed 10 Jan 2018 13:58
16:10.00N 48:58.53W
All is well on board we are now making slow progress – we can’t sail directly the course we want as its dead down wind and so we are gybing our way making the journey a little longer – we have just under 650 miles in a straight line to go and only covered 134 in last 24 hours and not all in the right direction! At this rate we should arrive on Monday 15th!
We have had a few light splashing's of rain and Steve had a short sharp heavy one in the night which has washed some of the salt off everything. its warm even at night you only need shorts and top as temperature doesn't drop much. Sea is continuing to warm up and is now 27.7C!
There have been a few lightening flashes in the distance although Steve thinks I see things as I'm the only one who has had them on their watch!