Oxford, Maryland

Steve & Carol
Sat 13 Oct 2012 22:46
38:41.79N 076:10.28W Our bits arrived yesterday so with the wind forecast to be from the east we took the opportunity to head south, only problem was the wind or what little there was came from the south, we ended up motoring to Oxford and anchored outside the town. We haven't been ashore as we were fitting the insulator on the mizzen rigging for the SSB antenna, that done, we hope we can now join in on the radio net of boats travelling south and will be able to keep in touch with friends further away as we all head to different destinations once we leave the USA. There are stronger winds forecast for tonight so we will probably stay here  tomorrow, go ashore then head south, its getting mighty chilly here we had to get our jackets and woolly hats out despite the sun shine today. The south definitely beckons but as there are 2 tropical storms in the Caribbean at the moment, the reason why we have to stay up here for now and at least we do have heating!