Steve & Carol
Mon 4 Feb 2019 19:05
09:28.94N 078:40.27W
I woke up with horrible toothache - not sure why as I wasn’t aware I did anything to a tooth yesterday, I have embarked on a course of self medication to hopefully treat it and if not will be having to find a dentist - apparently there is possibly one on an island nearby but as all the islands are very primitive I’m not sure about visiting one here! We had a very slow sail to another uninhabited island of Esnasdup to meet up with Stu and Steph from Matador who we first met in Barbados in 2012. There were already 3 boats at Esnasdup when we arrived, you have to head into the anchorage from the west so the light was not good and we couldn’t see the shallows and relied on the charts. not long after we anchored Matador arrived, Steve went to say hello and later they came over for a catch up beer or two! It’s great to see them and as they have been in the area for a while it’s good to get local information like where the fruit and veggie boat is likely to be - we were going to go into the nearest town Nargana to do some basic provisioning but if there’s a boat coming out that’s much easier! One of the other boats here says there is a resident crocodile on the island but we didn’t see it. Later 2 group 1 rally boats Island Kea and Wild Iris came into the anchorage so we caught up with them as well which was great.