Steve & Carol
Sat 25 Jun 2022 16:34
39:04.583N 017:08.129E
We're liking this part of the med as we are having some great sails, today was no exception!  there was of course an area of no wind in the middle of the trip before it there was a 180 degree change of wind direction, we had a great sail across the Golfo Di Squillace we had intended to stop at Le Castella but with the wind direction it would be untenable so we carried on round to until we got a short way from Crotone on the south west side of the Gulf di Taranto when the wind was too light and too far behind to keep our sails from flogging so we motored the last bit of the trip and anchored outside the marina. 
We stayed a few days in Crotone, went ashore to do some shopping and have a wander around - it is however hot and we don’t seem to like the heat as much as we used to 😬, once you get ashore there really is no breeze at all and it's roasting so we kept our shore time to minimum and didn’t explore very far! We did find a fruit and veg marketed got some excellent figs and apricots as well s some other bits, a punt of figs was €2 and had about 16 figs in it - too yummy - I had to give a few away to stop myself eating them all 😂.
We spent some time in the water cooling down and  giving the bottom a bit of a clean again going over what we did in the Balerica as there was already some growth there and we still have to get down to the keel on the post side! We also did some socialising with Craig and Zena they visited us for sundowners one night and then we visited them the next!