Torranova / Palma Nova

Steve & Carol
Fri 9 Jun 2023 15:48
Time to seek some protection from the SW wind forecast we set off the short hop across to Palma Nova bay and anchored in the sand at the Torrenova end of the anchorage - there are quite a few boats on their own moorings - people just get sand screws put in and hey presto you have your own mooring and somewhere free to live in your boat and no one cares 🤔, one of them a catamaran - broke its mooring  (with the help of a motor boat which didn’t notice it there 🙄) and headed our way - we had to fend it off the whole way down our port side before it was off across the anchorage heading for other boats, Steve got in the dinghy and went to tell the Posidonia patrol boat who was in the anchorage that it was on the loose and he in turn called the gaudia who arrived not long before the owner who had been alerted by a tracker on board alarming and had seen it was moving! Drama over he anchored moved the anchored motor boat from above his mooring spot and anchored until he was able to repair the mooring later that day. 
All in all it was a pretty crowded bay but its convenient for shopping as there is an Aldi and the Torra Nova end and a Lidl at the Palma Nova end of the bay and we were able to get the bus from here to pick up our new outboard when it arrived - it would have been nice if the return journey was as quick as the one there but we waited at a bus stop for over an hour while 2 busses didn’t turn up before walking to another bus stop and getting another bus! 
At least it was relatively light with e battery and outboard leg weighting 10kg each and they come with nice carry bags to make life easier. 
Terry and Teresa came and joined us after a few days, we went wandering ashore with them - walked the short distance to Magaluf and generally had a nice time with them. The anchorage got more crowded and we had a wreck of a boat arrive and anchor close to us.  2 occupants got off went ashore and were not seen again while we were there! A motor boat dragged it's anchor while half the people from it including the owner were ashore and only noticed when we pointed out they were getting a bit close - someone called the owner who came back and swiftly moved.  when the wind picked up the wreck was dragging anchor so we decided to go to the other end of the bay and anchored off Palma Nova.