Day 16, getting there slowly!

Steve & Carol
Sun 26 May 2013 13:37
36:53.32N 37:33.08W
We spent yesterday heading north putting reefs in and out as the wind increased then reduced again which if nothing else gave us something to do. It was frustrating to be going well but in the wrong direction and only knocking a few miles off our distance to go in a straight line, this morning at 6.30 we were running out of wind and it became more Northerly so we tacked and are now sailing east in a gentle 10 knots of wind. Horta is now just over 430 miles away on a course of 77 degrees, we will cover many more miles than that to get there though as the wind is due to be from the northeast so we will have to tack a few more times, definitely hoping to get there Wednesday or Thursday.
We hear our friend Rob is going to be back in the UK when we get there which is great news and look forward to seeing him.