Goodbye Ibiza - Calpe here we come.

Steve & Carol
Sat 23 Sep 2023 18:51
38:38.248N 000:04.028E
After 2 nights at Cala Bassa we saw a sort of weather window to head across to Calpe on the mainland, we set off at first light for the 60 mile sail, there was still some swell but soon we were having a good sail, it didn’t last too long and wind dropped and the swell meant that the sails just flogged so we ended up motoring / motor sailing to Calpe.
We anchored outside the marina behind the harbour wall which offered protection from the swell and settled in for the night - a while later a rib came out of the marina and told us we had to move as there was a swimming event taking place in the morning, eventually they agreed we could stay and move in the morning.  As it turned out the wind had changed direction during the night and we were hanging out of the swimmers way come the race start in the morning and so didn’t have to move. We did have a front line seat to watch to 600 swimmers start their 4km swim. 
We also met up with Roger a friend from our days on our Dutch Barge in West London, Roger lives not far from Calpe and had kindly taken delivery of a new windlass for us, it was lovely to spend some time with him, he drove us out to see his home, pick up the windlass and generally have a great catch up, he also spent a lovely afternoon on Innamorata - being a keen guitarist he brought one of his guitars with him and gave Steve a  bit of a lesson and the chance to play along with someone else. 
All too soon our time in Calpe came to an end and it was time to move on.