Ensenada Honda, Culebra. Puerto Rico

Steve & Carol
Sun 31 Mar 2024 20:31
18:18.2377N 065:17.8414W
We had a good sail to Culebra - leaving early we made good time and were anchored by 12.30. Steve reported our arrival on the CPB roam app (US Customs and Boarder Protection) and had a Video call in which we were told to go to the airport to collect our cruising permit etc. What a palaver, we have checked in here twice before and checked out from here so finding the airport was easy but there wasn’t anyone from Customs and boarder protection there! We waited a while then asked the security guard and one of the airport workers if they knew where he was or when he would be back and got no where so we gave up and went back to the boat, only having internet on the boat and not on our phones when ashore we didn't know that they had sent a few messages saying no one was there and to call! So I whatsapp called the number and was told there would be someone there at 9am the next day and for us to return then - which we did - still no one in the office! this time someone called them for us and we were told to go away and return in an hour or so! anyway 3rd time lucky someone was there but he greeted us with, I don't know why you are here they can do it all electronically and email you the cruising permit!!! He did however issue us with one and also told us a load of rubbish about calling one of 3 numbers either by phone or whatsapp when we move - in fact we have to register our movements on the roam app not by phone! We also went to the shops and were shocked by the price of fruit and veg here - it's more expensive than the BVI’s, we did get a few fresh veg but little else!