On Route to New York

Steve & Carol
Sat 7 Jul 2012 15:38
38:17.26N 74:47.79W
We set off yesterday afternoon after taking possession of a fan we had ordered, hoping to get to either Sandy Hook or into Manhattan before a cold front goes through and northerly winds set in, our destination will depend on our progress, the time of day and state of tide when we get there. We had a great stay in Portsmouth and enjoyed some southern hospitality, Bob from Mile Marker 0 Marine Supplies is one of the nicest people we have met, he took us to his home to swim in his pool, shower and have pizza one night and on the 4th July we went for a BBQ, swim and shower before heading back to Portsmouth for the fireworks.  He is also a great finder of things for boats and manages to source bits he does not have in stock. Portsmouth was however oppressively hot while we were there and we are glad to be on the move again.