Day 16

Steve & Carol
Sat 13 Jan 2018 13:57
14:57.15N 55:44.31W
We have had some excitement in the shape of a French sailing boat which crossed paths with us – he was on route from Cape Verde to Martinique and sailed in sight of us for over 12 hours, Steve spoke to him on the VHF – he had just had his spinnaker blown out in a squall – only the French would still be flying a spinnaker! then we had another tanker so that's 3 boats in 24 hours. Yesterday and some of last night we had some squalls – they didn't produce too much wind (max 28 knots) but enough to keep us on our toes and the boat got a good wash with the showers that accompanied them. This morning the wind has died and we are sailing very slowly, the wind is not playing ball and obviously is doing its best to do just the opposite to what the forecast says – it was meant to be getting more easterly but is staying ENE and no matter which tack we are on we cant head for our destination. We are getting some ware and tear on board – Steve has had to cut some of the genoa sheet off as it had frayed badly where it goes through the pole and the autopilot main control has had enough of us pressing buttons and has decided it’s not going to work! we are using the plotter instead so not a great problem but a nuisance.  Steve didn't manage to chat to Windsong or Believe yesterday – maybe due to the squalls? We haven't heard Believe for a couple of days now.
All is well though we are a little frustrated with the wind!