The BVI's are calling

Steve & Carol
Wed 13 Mar 2024 19:00
18:30.46N 064:22.387W
We had a really early start leaving the anchorage at 03.50am, within a few minutes we were sailing with mizzen and genoa, Pintail Emma and Stefan) were close behind and we could see Hahalua (Lucie and John) on AIS as they left from an anchorage a couple of miles north of us, so we had a little convoy 😁. The wind was from behind and relatively light so as soon as we had enough daylight to see what we were doing we deployed the cruising chute, this sail works well with just the mizzen up as the main sail blocks the wind getting to it, the mizzen is far enough away it helps rather than hinders us and keeps us sailing while we put the cruising chute up and down.  
We had a good sail and made good time arriving at the top of Virgin Gorda not too long after 5pm, Pintaill had fallen back a bit having had a mishap when their cruising chute tack (the rope that holds it down) broke and Hahalua had had to slow down to reel in a tuna they caught as we were approaching the BVI’s but were close behind us as we approached Necker island (Richard Bransons island ) - which we had thought would be a suitable anchorage for the night:
However the sea was rolling into the anchorage from both east and northwest with breaking waves on the sand bars it wasn’t the time to stop there so we headed into Virgin Gorda sound and anchored behind Prickly Pear Island.