Steve & Carol
Tue 30 Jan 2018 21:57
12:42.18N 061:21.03W
We headed down to Canouan to meet up with friends Jon and Rhina who are currently skipper and first mate on a 35m sailing yacht, they had a couple of days before they were picking up guests and so we will be able to catch up and see them in-between them getting the boat ready for their customers.
Canouan had a bad reputation if you read the pilot books or look on noonsite etc it has had a lot of robberies and boats being broken into in the past few years from the Charletown bay on the west side of the island, however there is a new super yacht marina in the south of the island next to the private airport which Jon was going to and so we headed with the view to anchor nearby! When we got here the anchorage on the south of the island it was very pretty but rolly, steve spoke to Jon on VHF and we decided to go into the marina - it said it was $1a foot on noonsite (reality $2 a ft a night) so a treat as we don’t do marinas often. Jon contacted the marina and asked for us to be moored near him and we were greeted by 2 dock hands to take our lines and help us moor on a berth that was way too big designed for 20 - 30 m boats. The marina was empty just 3 other boats, not long after we arrived 2 more boats came in and then Jon arrived and moored nearby.