Cayo Remanso, Isla Carenero, Photos

Steve & Carol
Thu 14 Jun 2018 09:16
This is a well protected anchorage with a narrow entrance between 2 reefs, the colour difference between deep and shallow water makes it easy to navigate into although it’s easier on a sunny day!
Approaching the entrance
There are Mangroves around the north and eastern shore which provide a home for a variety of birds and the roots around the edge provide a safe haven for young fish.
m_DSC02741 m_DSC02724
and when the sun comes out the water colour variations are just stunning!
m_DSC02803 m_DSC02791
m_DSC02789 m_DSC02804 m_DSC02815 m_PICT0109
To the west is a sandbar which has only 3-4 ft of water in places, you can see the shallows in the picture below, you can easily dinghy over the bar to visit Carenero.
View of shallows and Carenero from the back of the boat.
Fishermen dwellings on Carenero and the islands few rather windswept looking palm trees!
DSC02777 m_DSC02772
We snorkelled a few times, most of the marine life is found around the edges, we have seen quite a few Barracudas, they tend to stalk you!
there are also a healthy number of large Queen Conch which is surprizing considering the large number of shells that are left on the shore by humans!
m_PICT0118a  m_PICT0130
a mound of conch shells and sadly a the pile of rubbish close by!
m_DSC02811 m_DSC02807