Steve & Carol
Sat 13 Apr 2019 19:34
El Bight is a nice sheltered bay with a nice little bar which the group soon adopted as its meeting point, one night we had a local come and play traditional music on his guitar (Tom joined in on his bongos) while 3 girls did some traditional dancing for us, they also did good pizza’s at the bar and let us use it as a dinghy dock.
We made sure everything on Canapasia was secured and locked away, we also ran the engine daily to keep the batteries charged so that the fridge and freezer didn’t cut out and spoil the contents. 
We learned that Jeff had fractured his L1 vertebra and had been flown to the Honduras mainland for further investigations and assessment! It was apparent that Jeff wouldn’t be able to return to Guanaja and move Canapasia himself so our little rally group devised a plan for moving her on with the group. 

While we were at Guanaja it was quite windy so we didn’t manage to do any diving I did however go for a trip into Bonacca to do a bit of shopping and have a walk around, it's such a densely populated little island with tiny canals running through it, below is a typical little home. 
Love it that they have their own thunderbirds 2
We also went on a trip to the south side of the island in 2 local boats,  landed at a secluded bar and hiked up to one of the waterfalls - call me a chicken but I opted not to join the others when they went for a dip in the cool water 🤣.  After the walk we headed back to the boats and were taken to a have  lunch on a beach then snorkelled around St Michael’s rock which was a great snorkel - shame we didn’t have the weather or time to bring the boat around and do a dive here as well. 
After a few days we heard that Jeff was to be discharged from hospital with a brace and would be arriving back in Roatan, so it was time to move to Roatan and take Canapasia with us. Jeff arrived the day before we did and Di and him were able to stay on Two Drifters with Nev and Fergus for a night, the plan was for the 2 Steves to sail Canapasia to Fantasy island Roatan and go along side Two Drifters so Jeff could transfer and then be confined to laying down on a bunk for the next 3 weeks while his back had a chance to start to heal.
Jeff in Two Drifters awaiting Canapasia's arrival at Roatan.