Day 1

Steve & Carol
Thu 22 Dec 2011 14:09
16:42.46N 26:54.48W at 14.00 UTC
We left Mindelo at 14.20 yesterday, after a promising start sailing well between Sao Vincent and Santo Antonia the wind soon died and we have not made very good progress. We are sailing with cruising chute and mizzen making 4/5 knots, we have only covered 109 miles since we left despite my wishing on all the shooting stars I saw last night for a little more wind! We had some good entertainment at dusk with some dolphins who jumped a good 6ft out of the water before doing belly flops. We both had a good night last night and managed to get a reasonable amount of sleep having changed our watch system to 4 hours on 4 off over night both up during the day, the first shift starts at 20.00 and we are alternating who does the first shift each night.
This morning we were still in VHF contact with Moonshadow who was 15 miles to the north of us. The rest of us are updating each other via email and satallite phone.
Its very hot and sunny so solar panels are doing well and we are towing the tow gen again.