Salinas, Puerto Rico

Steve & Carol
Tue 11 Feb 2020 17:47
17:57.359N 066:17.538W
We had another good if not boisterous at times down wind sail to Salinas, on route we were visited by some rough toothed dolphins - we have never seen them before and I had to look them up to see what they were as they looked and behaved differently to any we had previously encountered, occasionally if there were bigger waves they would jump showing off their pink tummies - sadly my photographic skills were lacking as it was somewhat rolly and when they jumped I tended to be either looking the wrong side or trying to keep my balance 😬. 
not good but the best picture - you can see (well I can) the head is a different shape, has a pale skinned lower jaw which continues along its belly and slightly hooked fin.
As we arrived in salinas I was treated to a manatee sighting as well so happy bunny, there are 4 other OCC boats here 2 of which we know - Wild Iris and Tomskii Kastan.